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Sesiones Ch.ACO: The new TV program in channel 13C

On Sunday, March 7 at 8:30 p.m. Sesiones Ch.ACO releases on channel 13C. The program led by Simón Pesutic and Emilia Noguera, is carried out in collaboration with the Universidad Austral and Universidad de las Americas.

Sesiones Ch.ACO is an inspiring program that travels throughout the country with Chilean scientists and artists, sharing knowledge and understanding their searches. We spoke with Ch.ACO Director Elodie Fulton to find out more about the new show and how Ch.ACO is expanding its audience across the screen.

How could you describe Sesiones Ch.ACO? It is a TV program that seeks to inspire, that wants to generate relationships between Chilean professionals, from different areas and create connections between multiple topics. How did the idea of ​​televising this initiative come about? We always seek to reach out to all audiences and today screens are the best medium due to the great impact and audience they generate, managing to massify the scope of multiple themes. In times of confinement we decided not to sit idly by and take advantage of it by speaking with different institutions and professionals. It has been a work of several months, with a lot of dialogue and great ideas. As Ch.ACO, our mission is always to continue growing and to spread the visual arts in the best possible way.

What is the meaning of: "art as a popularizer of science"? Sesiones talks about Chile, its excellence, its present, past and future, and takes the scientist out onto the streets. Science is an art and art is a science, everything is related. How does the program manage to humanize knowledge and bring it closer to the audience? We connect highly complex subjects and hard data with beauty, with inspiration, with poetry, with sounds and images that awaken the senses. What is the contribution of Emilia Noguera and Simón Pesutic in the production? Emilia and Simón bring their acting talent, they are also artists and part of a generation that can speak freely with a scientist and bring him closer to the interests of these generations. They also dialogue and contribute with questions that a viewer could ask themselves in order to appropriate this knowledge. They are a great contribution to the program.

Who will be in these first chapters? "The art of telling stories" is carried out together with Universidad de las Américas under the conduction of Emilia Noguera. Chilean artists with recognized career, Mario Navarro and Bernardo Oyarzún participate. The UDLA academics Juan Pablo Corvalán, Cristián Freire, Catalina Torres, and the creators of the short film “Historia de un bear”, Antonia Herrera and Gabriel Osorio, who are also a professor at the university, are part of this chapter. "Waters in transformation" is carried with Universidad Austral de Chile under the conduction of Emilia Noguera. Eugenio García and two great Chilean women artists, Cecilia Vicuña and Claudia Müller participate. Academics Dr. Ignacio Rodríguez J, Dr. Felipe Otondo R, Mg. Carolina Ihle S, and Prof. Carlos Fischer B. "Inhabiting the Landscape" is done together with Universidad Austral de Chile and under the leadership of the Chilean actor Simón Pesutic. The Chilean artists and Ch.ACO friends, Cristián Orellana, Rodrigo Arteaga and Marcela Correa are part of this chapter. Also, the academics of the university Dr. Eduardo Silva R, Prof. Alejandro Weiss M, Mg. Eric Arentsen M, Mg. María Jesús Román C.

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