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Open Ch.ACO launches its fair through the screen

The Chilean contemporary art fair, Ch.ACO, postponed its eleventh edition, but it did not sit idly by. As an alternative to the world crisis we are going through, an entirely online alternative edition will be held, which objective is to create a different scenario for the of the world of arts, where all borders are eliminated to internationalize galleries and artists.

By Ch.ACO Team

Open Ch.ACO is the first online edition of the contemporary art fair that will take place from May 27 to June 27, through the art sales web platform, Artsy. The Chilean fair seeks to energize the art sector in the country and make galleries, artists and curators visible to situate ourselves and enter this cultural world.

Through a work carried out thanks to the support of ProChile, an institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that seeks to internationalize Chilean companies and promote the country's image, it is possible to carry out this project and develop the online edition of the Ch.ACO-11 fair.

This online version gives the possibility of exploring and learning about artworks, artists and galleries for anyone who is interested, with a free and transversal access. In addition, activities and conversations will be held through videoconferences, with artists, gallery owners, collectors and institutions, making the spectator and lover of the arts a participant in this digital edition.

More than 35 exhibitors and 500 works, by both national and international artists, from the MAIN and PLANTA section, will present their artworks to an international market. They will be shown to reach anyone who wants to be part of the instance. Not only that, but also through direct communication with the gallery, the artworks will be available for purchase.

Recognized Chilean galleries will be part of this instance. Factoría Santa Rosa will participate, will have artworks by Julia Toro, Guillermo Nuñez, Gonzalo Cienfuegos, among others; Galería Patricia Ready will exhibit artworks by Rodrigo Valenzuela and Patricia Domínguez, among others; Prima Galería will present artworks by Matilde Pérez and Roberto Matta; Galería La Sala will show artworks by Juan Luis Dörr, Pikti, among others; in addition to other national galleries will exhibit in this online edition.

On the other hand, some of the international galleries that will participate at Open Ch.ACO will be the Argentinian gallery Gachi Prieto, will come with Samy Benmayor; Pablo Rodríguez Blanco and José Benmayor, Revólver from Peru/Argentina, will have the artists Alejandra Prieto and Cosima Zu Knyphausen; the Spanish Polígrafa Obra Gráfica will present unpublished works by Iván Navarro and Ricardo Maffei, and Project N.A.S.A.(L) from Peru/Ecuador, will show the work of Jessica Briceño Cisneros.

The PLANTA section will have the participation of the Argentinean galleries Constitución and Moria Galería; Hermes Artes Visuais from Brazil; N.A.S.A.(L) Project; and the Chileans OMA Art Gallery, Proyecto Marisol and Galería Barco. In the MAIN section we will also have a wide repertoire of more than 20 national and international galleries.

For more information about the fair and our history you can visit the Ch.ACO page and our Instagram @feriachaco, where we will also have live activities, contests and updates.

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