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Lisl Steiner will be in Chile for the first time at Ch.ACO -11

The 92-year-old Austro-American artist, photojournalist and documentary filmmaker will exhibit for the first time in Chile during Ch.ACO -11. Thanks to an alliance between Ch.ACO and the Doral Contemporary Art Museum (Dorcam), from Miami, United States, those attending Ch.ACO -11 will be able to see, for the first time in Chile, 29 photographs of the Children in the Americas project and 6 other illustrative photographs of the artist's vast work.

By Ch.ACO team

In the late 50s, inspired by several Gabriela Mistral’s texts dedicated to childhood and the living conditions of children in the American continent, Lisl Steiner, decided to travel the continent portraying that reality. It toured 21 countries and part of that registry will be presented, for the first time in Chile, during Ch.ACO-11. The artist also will receive a recognition for her more than 60 years of trajectory.

Lisl Steiner

In addition to 29 photographs of the Children in the Americas project, there will be other six illustrations of her vast work, illustrations, a short video about her life and her work and the letter, signed by 21 Foreign Ministers in which the member countries of the OAS authorized her to travel through their territories to register the children of the continent.

Steiner will be in a conversation at the Ch.ACO -11 fair on Friday, March 27th, with journalist Catalina Mena as moderator. In addition, she and the Doral Contemporary Art Museum (Dorcam) will donate a series of photographs to the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Diversity. Lisl Steiner. La Habana, Cuba. c. 1960. photographic print on paper.


Born in Austria in 1927, Steiner emigrated to Argentina in 1938 where she studied arts. With special interest in cinema, she worked on the creation and production of more than fifty documentaries and was part of the MADI visual arts movement, a current derived from abstract art that was founded in La Plata at the end of the 1940s. However, she soon discovered photography was her passion.

At the beginning of the 60s, she moved to the United States where she remained specifically her prolific photographic work, under very free precepts. Her images were published in the Argentine press, in O Cruzeiro in Brazil and in the LIFE and Time magazines in the United States.

Very soon her work acquired an international character and at 32 she had an outstanding career as a photodocumentalist, with special emphasis on portraits of political and cultural figures of the 50s, 60s and 70s, which included personalities such as Pablo Casals, Carmen Amaya Gyula Kosice, Fidel Castro, Louis Armstrong, Jorge Luis Borges, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andy Warhol, Leonard Bernstein and Friedrich Gulda, among many others.

Machu Picchu. Lisl Steiner. Peru C.1960. photographic print on paper.

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