Gonzalo Pedraza: “(Ch.ACO) gives a platform to all art system in Chile”

Chilean artist Gonzalo Pedraza will be in Ch.ACO again. In the 2016 edition, he was the winner of FAVA award and in this version he will come with Vigil Gonzáles gallery, a space opened in 2019 in Lima. We talked with Gonzalo about his work and what we be able to see in his first participation with an international gallery at the fair.

By Ch.ACO team

Gonzalo Pedraza. Colección de flores, 2017. Recortes de pinturas con motivos florales 200 x 100 cm.

This year you come with Vigil Gonzales Gallery (Peru), which will be for the first time in Ch.ACO, what does it mean for you to come as an artist of an international gallery?

"The best, it is incredible that one as a chilean artist is represented by a Lima gallery. It is interesting, but I don't think you have to respect each other's territorialities so much, I think the good thing is that they look at you as an artist before of being a Chilean, Peruvian or Mexican artist, but see your work before and the works tend to be universal, it is much more interesting to move freely within different contexts”.

In 2011 you was a co curator in the fair and in 2016 you won FAVA award, what means Ch.ACO for you?

“Ch.ACO is a private initiative which achieve established thanks to an artistic system idea, it gathered artists, galleries, collectors and institutions. It put the pieces together and showed that there was an organic that nobody perceived in its entirety, for me is a great contribution because it is the great job of evidencing a system. All the actors who contributed in one way or another, were benefited and it is an achievement within a context as precarious as Chile”.

What are we going to see in the fair?

“I will present a cabinet, which will be divided into several parts. Basically a cabinet is an accumulation of works on a wall, which is filled from floor to ceiling and from side to side. In this case, we will present a series of works. It will consist in 3 parts, old frames will appear that I found in antique fairs and that have paintings by painters who didn’t enter the world of fine arts, but are works that cover the walls of ordinary houses. These works are old, from 1940, 1950 and with the passage of time, the back becomes very yellow. The idea is to cut this yellow fabric with the shape of the round squares and paste it and create a cabinet with these round squares”.

You have experience working in commercial instances, how would you define the contribution of Ch.ACO?

“Commercially, the fair is a platform where offer and demand takes place. For more than ten years, both galleries and artists have participated, therefore it served them all commercially, if not, it wouldn’t continued. Art fairs are essentials and Ch.ACO under that point accomplish its expectations and I think everyone must feel grateful and support such initiatives”.

Gonzalo Pedraza. Mariposas, 2016. Recortes de pinturas con motivos naturales 200 x 100 cm.

Incoming call

1. Do you have any motto? "survive”.

2. Your favorite artist... “Mi great life artist is David Teniers” (belgian baroque painter).

3. Define your work in three concepts... "work, work, work".

4. What is the worst shame you have ever had? "I was at a conference about Gordon Matta- Clark and I said he was chilean, but he isn’t chilean ... the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art approached me in front of the public and i felt as a ignorant”. (Gordon Matta- Clark is an artist American of Chilean descent).

5. A book you recommend… "Now, I’m reading Último carnaval, un ensayo sobre Goya de Victor Stoichita".

6. Your soundtrack... "since Cachureos to Nina Simone".

7. If you could drink a coffee with somebody (alive or dead), who would be with? "with Jesus".

8. What you love most is? “my family”.

9. What place in Santiago/the world connects you with art? "the most artistic experiences were lived in the north of Chile, in the desert".

10. What do you expect from Ch.ACO in this version? "what Ch.ACO has always done, which is basically to give a platform to the entire art system in Chile."

11. Ch.ACO in three words… “a big window”.

A message for young artists: “being always an artist and nothing and nobody tells you otherwise”.