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Gachi Prieto launches a series of interviews with artists

In the middle of the pandemic, the Argentine gallery presents "Close up", a space for conversation where artists reflect on their work and their creative process.

In its first chapter, gallery owner Gachi Prieto sits down to discuss with Martín Salinas, (Buenos Aires, 1977) about his approach to art and his most recent work "La vida es cualquier cosa". "The beginnings (of the works) are quite variable, but the materials are what guide the beginnings (...) I have a confidence in what I am doing, in what I am producing”, Salinas says about the starting point of her works, and although he says he has no obsessions, he does admit to having recurrent themes throughout his career.

His latest work, “La vida es cualquier cosa", consists of nine small format paintings that capture everyday life and the random relationships that arise in the plane of painting, one of hir approaches to art, along with ceramics. This second individual show that he is doing in Galería Gachi Prieto tries, like his previous works, to rethink the space and that is why in the middle of the room he places the ceramics made by Braian Pink, a duet that he forms with the artist Lorena Fernández.

The cycle of videos made by Gachi Prieto gallery has the purpose of "inviting the whole community to a deep observation that makes possible the reflection on our contemporary artistic heritage and provokes closeness".

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