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Alejandra Prieto: “Ch.ACO in an instance which promotes Chilean art

The chilean artist Alejandra Prieto, will be again in Ch.ACO. In this version, she will be part of “Agorafilia” exposition, with her artwork “Tierras Raras (Ouija) which will be present at Ch.ACO -11 thanks to Colección Juan Yarur Torres of AMA Foundation. Her artworks will be in the Main section too, because this year Alejandra Prieto comes with Revolver gallery from Perú.

By Ch.ACO team

Alejandra Prieto “Tierras Raras” (Ouija) 3/3 ed, 2013, madera, metal, arduinos, imanes, motores de paso, goma, cables, 83 x 90 x 90 cm. Colección Juan Yarur Torres, Fundación AMA

What means for you to be part of women artists exposition?

“I think is a great idea, a clear idea about make and think from a female point of view, because the language, visual arts, the majority of things was did from the male point of view”.

What is “Tierras Raras (Ouija)” about?

“Tierras Raras (Ouija)” artwork, consists in a table which have an alphabet which allows people to write something This artwork writes tweets of people I program to follow. This time, thinking about the context and contingency, it will write things about chilean social outbreak, specifically about the plebiscite playing with the terror campaign”.

How “Tierras Raras approaches to the public/ private dichotomy?

“The spiritualist practice was did in Chile and the rest of world, always did within private environments, because it was looks very bad by catholicism, the ouija belonged to private world. It was did in hidden environments, because did this practice in public was look very bad”.

"All visual art’s actors gathering at the fair and it is positive. While more instances and places where all visual art’s actors meting, better”

What means Ch.ACO for you?

“I think the fair is an instance which promotes the chilean contemporary art, and also, I think is a good instance to gathering public, collectors, curators, galleries. All visual art’s actors gathering at the fair and it is positive. While more instances and places where all visual art’s actors meting, is better”.

This year you come with Revolver gallery… What you think about to come with an international gallery?

“Work with a latin american gallery which have a lot of circulation is very motivating, I like its artists. Working with an international gallery improve the circulation”.

What we will see at Ch.ACO -11?

“We will show parts of human body, hands made by pyrite stone and experiments which have lithium and sulfate crystals… but is not all defined yet”.

Incoming call

11 questions of Ch.ACO -11

1. Who your favorite artist is? “Pier Paolo Pasolini”.

2. A book you recommend... “For the artists “La Poética del cine of Raúl Ruiz".

3. Your soundtrack... “The soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick’s movies”.

4. If you could drink a coffee with someone (alive or dead) ... Who would you do with? “With Blanca and Julia, my nieces who lives in London”.

5. What place in Santiago or the rest of the world connects you with the art? “Museo Precolombino in Santiago”.

6. When did you realize you become an artist? "When I realized that it was the only thing I knew how to do."

7. If you wouldn’t an artist, ¿what would you do? I would dedicated to agriculture".

8. What your favorite place in the world is? “Huechún, where my workshop is”.

9. Tea or coffee? “coffee”

10. What your favorite food is? “sea urchins”

11. A message to women artists: “doing things in another way, more horizontality, less hierarchy”.

Next, some artworks of Alejandra Prieto:

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