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A virtual guided tour through Open Ch.ACO by Zoom

Last Tuesday, June 23th, there was a guided tour of some artworks exhibited in the online version of the fair: Open Ch.ACO. This instance was made in collaboration with the Antena Foundation, a space that encourages art and collecting. The Spanish-Chilean curator and member of the board of Ch.ACO, Inés Ortega-Márquez, with the curator of PLANTA, Matías Allende, were the ones who led the virtual visit.

By Ch.ACO Team

An Antenna session with Ch.ACO was this tour of more than 30 artworks exhibited at Open Ch.ACO through The evening began with the introduction of the Director of Ch.ACO, Elodie Fulton along with the Director and co-founder of the Antenna Foundation, Constanza Guell. A self-sustaining space that functions as a meeting and learning space, but also as an engine for cultural dissemination and financing.

Then, the Spanish-Chilean curator Inés Ortega-Márquez showed a personal selection of artworks from the MAIN section of Open Ch.ACO, a section of the fair that exhibits works from national and international galleries with a recognized track record.

Nineteen artworks by ten male and nine female artists were selected to show to the nearly 100 attendees who participated in the event. Some of those were “Celofán” (2020) by the Chilean artist Nicolás Radic, from AMS/XS Galería, the EFG Latin America Art Award-nominated artwork, “Entierro de la serie DECIERTO” (2011) by Musuk Nolte, was also mentioned, from Peruvian Gallery Vigil Gonzales. “Typologies Structure Number 15” (2020) by Nestor Arenas, from the Miami gallery Rubber Stamp Art Project; “El Faraón” (2020) by Pancha Núñez from the Chilean Gallery Court; “Animal del Poder-Tiuque” (2020) by the Chilean artist Patricia Domínguez from the Patricia Ready Gallery; “The seal of non-actuality” (2018) by the Chilean artist Sammy Benmayor from the Argentine Gallery Gachi Prieto; “You are the center of your worlds (the dragon pearl throne)” (2018) by Stevens Vaughn from the Chinese Nothing Galley; among other great works available on

PLANTA is a section of experimental and Latin American art that shows independent and emerging art initiatives to make regional art visible.

The curator of PLANTA section of Open Ch.ACO and art historian, Matías Allende made a much broader tour of each gallery in this section, explained the origin of each participating space and showed artworks by various artists present. PLANTA is a section of experimental and Latin American art that shows independent and emerging art initiatives to make regional art visible. The curator showed his tour through Open Ch.ACO at Artsy.

Highlighted works of Proyecto N.A.S.A.(L) from Guayaquil, based in Lima, such as the sculpture of the Venezuelan Jessica Briceño Cisneros, “Tu monte, yo culebra” (2020); the artwork Sin titulo (2019) by Mariano Ulloa who belongs to the Moria Gallery in Buenos Aires. He also commented on the artworks of Alberto Passolini present in the Buenos Aires Gallery Constitución. He explained the project of the Brazilian Hermes Artes Visuais from São Paulo, where more than 50 artists created a flag and then created a unique and giant flag to come and show Chile at the physical fair.

Allende also explained the concept of the Chilean Barco Gallery with its mixtures with architecture and the project being presented at Open Ch.ACO, the artists and artworks exhibited by Oma Art Gallery, also from the capital of Chile. Finally, he explained about Proyecto Marisol, a small wooden house where brief and rotating interventions are carried out with various artists who collaborate on this idea.

The meeting finished in a celebratory toast to Open Ch.ACO and collaboration with the Antenna Foundation in this new virtual modality with the 100 attendees at our Ch.ACO house in Zoom.

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